A Entire History Of Britney Spears”s Tune Videos

Britney Spears, the princess of pop, has—no matter her stumbles—continually added in track video shape. These days she’s located a new source of creativity on Instagram, presenting charming peeks into her world thru quick exercising movies, Doolittle reviews, and style photographs. And now that everyone’s at home with loads of time on their palms, Britney covered, it appears as good a time as any to appearance again on the singer’s iconic song video offerings to see how she—and we—have grown over the years.

Below, a complete history of Britney Spears’ song films.“…Baby One More Time” (1998)

As Fabolous could say, “Often imitated, in no way duplicated.” This video is a classic and changed into right away iconic as quickly as it premiered. “…Baby One More Time” is an incredibly catchy music on its own, however the music video is what honestly positioned Britney on the map—and at the rocket ship to superstardom. What greater may be said approximately the schoolgirl clothing, the fuzzy pink pigtail holders, the basketball, that hasn’t been blanketed? As far as first impressions go, they will by no means pinnacle this.“Sometimes” (1999)

Britney’s bare midriff continued on its hot streak in “Sometimes.” This video, I assume, is singlehandedly responsible for crop tops turning into a massive element in 1999. Even although “Sometimes” is a ballad, Britney controlled to work in a white-clad dance troupe to bust some actions on a boardwalk—and that’s why she’s the arena’s best entertainer.“You Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

At this factor Britney changed into surely equipped to have some fun. It changed into sooner or later time to look the goofy facet of Britney in all her gum-chewing glory. The pigtails are again, the publicity is excessive, and Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier make the maximum 1999 cameos of all time. “Crazy” additionally offers what’s now referred to as a Britney trademark: her signature “forestall!” and gradual swoop ahead on a chair for premier cleavage teasing.“Born to Make You Happy” (1999)

In what on the whole seems like foreshadowing to “Oops!…I Did It Again,” Britney serves lots of leather-based LOOKS, some slightly awkward choreography, and really random (however an awful lot preferred) cutaways to a ripped male torso. Watching this video, it’s smooth to look why we all notion metal eyeshadow changed into a totally appropriate daylight hours appearance.“From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” (1999)

Maybe Britney become uninterested in displaying off her dance actions in music videos, due to the fact “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” marks a shift into that specialize in her acting. The now overused track video cliché of lip syncing and longingly looking into the digital camera changed into basically invented via Britney in this video. “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” also cemented the singer as a style chameleon: As soon as I saw her pull off a green fleece bucket hat, I knew she was a star to be reckoned with.“Oops!…I Did It Again” (2000)

Rewatching the “Oops!” video is like taking a time device to a global where the entirety become right and not anything harm. Britney in a purple leather-based jumpsuit is how all of us deserve to be remembered: vivacious, silly, lusted after by way of a hot astronaut. This is a great music, an excellent video, and an excellent encapsulation of why Britney had the worldwide effect she did. If you didn’t attempt to study Britney’s “Oops!…I Did It Again” arm choreography, did you ever in reality stay?“Lucky” (2000)

“Lucky” turned into our first taste of biographical emo Britney. This video has a fabulously meta plot that apparently took place within the 1940s, which supposed we were given to see Britney in sweeping Sunset Boulevard drowsing gowns and Veronica Lake–stimulated hair. Looking returned, “Lucky” became an almost too obvious cry for help—maybe that’s why we ignored it for goodbye? Or perhaps we were simply distracted through the superstar swipes.“Stronger” (2000)

“Stronger” verified Britney’s boom in song movies from a codependent basket case (“…Baby One More Time”) to…nicely, more potent. So sturdy, in reality, that we found out Britney didn’t even want backup dancers! All we want is Britney, a chair, and an all-black room to make our lives a bit bit higher for three and a half mins.“Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” (2001)

Previously, all Britney were given to share along with her onscreen beaus had been a few chaste kisses, a few hand-maintaining, and a peculiar pillow combat. “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” turned into Britney telling us that no longer best did she understand what intercourse changed into, she changed into having it—frequently—on the seashore! Of course, Britney became infamously coy in actual lifestyles approximately intercourse stuff (as she had every proper to be—all of us’s obsession with her virginity became gross).“I’m a Slave 4 U” (2001)

This video cemented what Britney lovers already knew was brewing: Britney became executed with the cutesy child-friendly pop megastar stuff and prepared to be unveiled as a smoking warm sex image. The sweat, the orgy, the lowest cut pants of all time, the abs! This is what surpassed as debatable and “too warm” in 2001. How a long way we’ve come.“Overprotected” (2001)

At this factor Britney dropped the pretense of “Lucky” and become full-on telling us how fed up she become with being a media sensation for doing little greater than developing up. She did so along with her attempted-and-actual components: Britney. Chair. Dancing. She mixed it up a touch by means of dancing on a chaise longue as well!“I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” (2002)

An accompanying piece to the Shonda Rhimes–penned Crossroads, “Not a Girl” become an anthem for young women everywhere who observed themselves in that ordinary area between woman and maturity. This is a extremely good video for the “bleached blonde hair and eyebrows” look Britney popularized. Also, doesn’t it appear as even though that is in which The Bachelor got the idea for leaving contestants on majestic, abandoned natural wonders?“I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” (2002)

Another Crossroads soundtrack achievement, the track video for “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” was Britney’s threat to experience like a real rock star. She fronts a band (!)—something that has in no way earlier than been visible in her films—writhes on a bike, and demonstrates some quite remarkable cat/cow positions at the floor. What a limber lower back!“Boys” (2002)

“Boys” is a really underrated video in Britney’s canon. It has the whole thing: top notch dancing, a CGI citadel, Pharrell whispering candy nothings, cameos by Austin Powers and DJ Qualls, Britney being all sexy, and multiple zebras. How amusing is it to look Britney goof round with Mike Myers? Why aren’t there more film-man or woman cameos in tune films? As ordinary, Britney is a pioneer.“Me Against the Music” (2003)

Britney’s love for Madonna become nicely-publicized, and in “Me Against the Music,” she finally had her risk to collaborate with the pop veteran. At the time, this video became thought of as relatively lackluster, considering it contained of the most important singers-who-dance of all time, and it’s clear they had been by no means on set on the same time. There’s handiest so much that frame-double paintings and digicam angles could make up for, and the dearth of sizzle from Britney and Madonna’s proper chemistry shows. Britney’s dancing in the flophouse is fun, although!“Toxic” (2004)

The “Toxic” song video become the dizzying excessive Britney reached before it all came crashing down. “Toxic” had numerous high-quality set portions (airplanes! Paris! motorcycles! the aspect of a skyscraper!), exceptional clothes, and wigs that were to die for. And Britney writhing in an all-diamond outfit is still the Halloween gown we wish we had been ballsy enough to wear. “Toxic” looks nonetheless get referenced by fanatics today (ahem, Taylor Swift) and that is absolutely the nice music video of 2004.“Everytime” (2004)

Another ballad, every other cry for assist in music video form that we neglected. We follow Britney through Vegas as she’s hounded with the aid of the paparazzi, a awful boyfriend, and her own demons. This video was dark. Britney receives a bit of glass lodged in her head after which drowns in a tub, humans. And she still gets no peace from the public. Looking again in this video, Britney needed a destroy, y’all.“Outrageous” (2004)

As a laugh as it’s miles to see Britney love up on Snoop Dogg, this video feels like a chunk of an afterthought—a “why no longer” video for the remaining single from In the Zone.“My Prerogative” (2005)

At this point, Britney and Kevin Federline had come to be a component, and the Britney we had come to understand and love started out to flounder. Emboldened by using her 2nd marriage, Britney began the more rebellious part of her profession and existence, as visualized within the “My Prerogative” video. Britney crashes her automobile right into a pool at a spooky house (which feels weirdly prescient to the theatrical enjoy “Sleep No More”), is filmed bed-dancing for a few exhibitionist, and extra.“Do Somethin’” (2005)

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