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Reddit App Academy Open. It looks like a great program but starting off with ruby right away is slightly off putting to me when i read it’s not very popular these days. Anyone working on app academy open curriculum?

App Academy Open Versus freeCodeCamp The Cohort by App
App Academy Open Versus freeCodeCamp The Cohort by App from

I wanted to get a good review on these courses. I’m wondering if anyone’s gone through the app academy program and what they thought? I came across some posts on reddit about the site making the open intentionally more difficult to navigate than the paid version, despite claiming they're identical in terms of content.

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Stuck In App Academy Open.

I considered attending app academy until backing out to go back to work and study / work through this on the side. Anyone with app academy open experience and thoughts/advice? I would love to communicate and help each other out if there is anyone else trying to finish this course.

I Heard It's Basically The Same As Their Boot Camp Curriculum.

Any thoughts on app academy open? Its much better to be able to bounce ideas off someone or ask for help on a homework/project. Differences in appacademy courses/ appacademy open hey all, i recently signed up for app academy open, but i'm confused as to the differences between open and their 16/24 wk immersive courses.

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App academy costs $17k for the upfront option (same as other top bootcamps), and the $28k option is really only for people who can't get a bank loan or have any other options. Posted by 28 days ago. Hi all, i am quite new to programming but i decided to give this course (aao) a shot.

The Online Immersive Program Seems Different Than In Person One In Terms Of Content.

Any one here successfully completed app academy open using their free or paid plans? Haha anyways, i'm truly curious what you guys are thinking about it. Hey guys i’m not sure if this is the best place to post this but i’m currently doing the free app academy open full stack web development course and i wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with it.

I Know Their Paid In Person Course Has A Very Good Job Placement Statistic But I Haven’t Found Anything About The Open Course (Free Self Study.

Just curious if anyone here has gone through app academy's free online full stack curriculum. Were you able to land a job at the end ? I’ve started cs at wgu but i’m looking for another source to learn more of the real world applicable.

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